Hunt Country, Leesburg, and Loudoun County are by far one of the most ideal locations for a second home. There is no better place to experience nature, wildlife, and a vacation-style setting,” Roberge says. “While homes are surrounded by outdoor wineries, numerous parks, horse country, historic towns, shops, restaurants, and retail, Washington, D.C. is about 45 minutes away and Leesburg is near major commuting routes.” 



This beautiful palm tree-lined paradise has long been a playground for those lucky enough to call Palm Beach home or snowbirds looking to escape the winter months up north. Some come for the beaches, others come for the social scene, whatever it is — the secrets out,” exclaims Leuliette. “South Florida is one of the most desired places to live in the country and it’s not just for tax reasons. In recent years, our community has enjoyed an influx of  ‘year-round’ residents with young professionals and families moving here in unprecedented numbers. The ability to work remotely has now allowed people to actually live where they want to live and major companies are moving here at a record pace, creating a domino effect that has led to a whole movement to south Florida.”



With a breathtakingly beautiful mountain landscape, world-class winter and summer sports and activities,  and the fantastic cultural events which take place throughout the year, Park City is the ultimate location for a second home.”




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