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    4 Practices for a Simple, Tidy Home

    Shine your sink

    This one is from Marla Cilley, the Flylady and expert on all things to do with a clutter-free home.Floor no more Basically, she believes that the sink is like the welcome mat and boss of the kitchen.

    When your sink is empty of dirty dishes, and beyond that– sparkling clean and shiny, it will have a positive effect on the rest of the kitchen and the house.

    Shine your sink every night after you do the dishes with a powdered cleaner or surface scrub. Then, do a quick spray with something that smells great and shine it up. She even encourages us to dry out our sink when we are done using it. A clean, dry sink?! What a luxury right? Bonus points for putting a bunch of flowers in your shiny sink like an Instagram Influencer–it really does make for a pretty photo!

    Home Base for your Hot Spots

    We all have those places in our home that become dumping grounds for mail, shoes, goodwill items, and daily randomness.

    Those become clutter hotspots that left unchecked will keep growing forever. One way to contain and diminish hotspots is to locate them, then provide a pretty home base like a tray, basket or some type of lovely container. The pretty container solves lots of problems: it’s nice to look at and it creates limits on how much it can hold. You will magically find yourself wanting to keep your hotspots contained so that your pretty home base gets all the attention it deserves. I have home bases on our kitchen island, the night stand and the coffee table. Try it!

    Automate it

    Years ago there was a bestselling book called Automatic Millionaire. Spoiler; the way to become a millionaire was to automate your savings and investing so you don’t have to think about it. It works for other things too. The way to simplify your life and feel like an organized queen is by automating simple tasks. I automate bills being paid, savings (for sure not a millionaire yet but I’ll keep you posted) and I automate ordering items I use regularly like cleaning supplies.

    Floor no more

    One thing I’ve noticed about homes that feel tidy and organized is that they don’t store things on the floor.

    Those homes don’t have piles of books, a bunch of baskets filled with random stuff or anything on the floor besides rugs and furniture. We live in a small house and I find when I purposely remove stuff (plants, shoes, baskets of magazines, laundry baskets) from the floor and find a better permanent home for them, I feel like I gain back extra square footage which is priceless. Plus, my mom has always said When the floor is clean, the house is clean, which feels right.



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